David Aden looks back on 50 years of serving as a City Councilman for Splendora


David Aden is officially retiring, after serving 50 years as a City Councilman for the City of Splendora, with one term serving as Mayor.

Aden looks back at the year 1966, when he was 26 years old and was approached by a group of people about running for City Council, at the same time the idea was being worked on of incorporating Splendora as a city.

“To be honest about whether I was interested or not at first, I would have leaned towards not being interested. I happened to be one of the younger people living in Splendora at that time, and the elders in town wanted younger people to be on the Council,” said Aden. “The elders thought that would help the city progress, but at a pace that they wanted it to progress.”

Splendora City Councilman David Aden.

Aden said that group of people who approached him included Marvin and Eddie Ruth Prestridge, Vernon and Oletta Coleman, E.R.”Pud” Daw, Hazel McCrackin and Attorney George Darden.

“They went to about eight individuals and solicited us to run for City Council as well as City Marshall,” said Aden. “They solicited us to run for five council positions at large.  We had an election and I fell into the top five.”

Aden said he has served on and off over the last 50 years on the Splendora City Council, with one term as Mayor of the City. Aden added that as far as having opponents, that happened when he chose to get back on the City Council.

“There were things happening that I didn’t agree with, and I didn’t want to be on the outside, hollering about something that I could be a part of,” said Aden. “That was one of the reasons that I got back on Council the first time, and I’d been on and off the Council several times.”

Aden talked about some positives during his 50 years on City Council, which includes the implementation of the water and sewer system and purchasing the land to build the original City Hall.

“There was a lot of time that was donated by different people to help cut costs to get City Hall built,” said Aden.

Aden said it’s a nice building that’s lasted over the years.

“Just a few months ago, we moved our water/utility staff to a facility on Highway 59 after buying property there. They have their own facility there that they work out of, rather than working in City Hall, which gives us space, which we do need,” said Aden.

Aden said another big accomplishment in very recent years is the establishment of the new Splendora Police Station. The new Police Station opened at the end of 2018.

“I’m very proud of that,” said Aden. “They were originally located in Splendora City Hall, which was very crowded.”

Aden said the grants that City of Splendora has been able to procure over the years is another accomplishment.

Aden said he has enjoyed his time serving as a Splendora City Councilman over the last 50 years, but he says it’s time to retire.

“There has been no one who’s encouraged me to step down, and that makes me feel good. I take a little pride in recognizing that we need some of those same people who were my age when I first got on board,” said Aden.

In addition to his many years serving on the Splendora City Council, Aden also served on what was originally called the Board of Equalization, which was later replaced by the Appraisal District. Aden also served on the first Fire District Board for the Splendora Fire Department.

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