Maher Husseini announces candidacy for Montgomery County Sheriff


Maher Husseini is running for Montgomery County Sheriff.

Husseini earned a Ph.D in Administration of Justice and an MBA in Business Finance.

“I am a motivated public servant with a solid background in law enforcement, public safety and investigations. I am committed to protecting public safety through crime prevention and high-visibility law enforcement,”said Husseini. “I believe that we must establish respectful relationships at all community levels. I am a family man and I am running to help make our community, and society in general, safer for our children.”

“If we want those in the prison system to become contributing members of society, we must prepare them while they are in our custody. We must ensure correctional facilities are clean and well-maintained to protect and promote the health and safety of prisoners and staff,” said Husseini. “We must provide education and vocational training with a pipeline to a job so that they do not end up back in the system, but rather become part of strengthening our society and economy. I would like to work with business owners who are willing to give someone a second chance. Let’s find out their business needs, and that way the training provided prepares them so once released they are ready to start a job the very next day.”

“Nonviolent offenders should not fill our jails and prisons. Those with drug issues should get counseling and help. Those with mental health conditions should receive necessary services that they need,” said Husseini.

“Our officers deserve respect and support. They deserve to be compensated well for the tough job that they take on every day, that they put on their uniform and wear that badge of honor,” said Husseini. “They deserve the best training to keep our community and themselves safe – training to deescalate situations, to recognize mental illness and training to maintain the peace.”

“Community policing builds relationships and trust. If officers see someone being treated outside of our standards, they must report it. It will keep officers safe when the public sees that we will not stand for corruption or abuse of power, that we make sure that everyone is treated fairly according to The Constitution, and that our laws apply equally to everyone regardless of race, religion, sexual preference or anything else that is perceived to divide us. Everyone should be treated with respect because that is a reflection of the badge,” said Husseini.

“I would like to be part of making our system better and part of making our community safer.  I want to be part of elevating community confidence in and appreciation of our police officers. It pains me that there is fear and mistrust of our brave officers. We must get to the root of that fear and mistrust and fix the cause,” said Husseini. “We all benefit from a just society where all are treated fair and equal. That is the beauty of America and the strength of Texas. I am ready to serve and I humbly ask for your vote.”

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