Martin Shupp announces candidacy for State Representative, District 3


Martin Shupp is running for State Representative, District 3.

“Most people ask me why I ran for office and what my objectives are. I only know that most folks seem to want a change in the status quo when it comes to representation from our local and national political personalities,” said Shupp. “So, I am a registered Democrat in a state that in recent history has been a “red” state. Whatever that means, I am not so sure it matters.”

“Let’s try something that works for all Americans. We can find a way to pay taxes, keep our environment healthy and protect the most vulnerable in our state, Children. All children. This means we need better healthcare for mothers, fathers, children. Safe water. Safe air to breath,” said Shupp. “We will have to pay for this. It is a worthwhile expense, in my opinion. We can create a new future for the younger Texans, with good progressive trades that pay well, secure families’ futures and help neighborhoods remain crime free. All this is a must and a priority for me as your representative, not just for the top teared managers, but for all employees.”

“So, I guess the large corporations will need to pitch in to help, it is the right thing to do for their business models as well.  I believe it will make Texas stronger,” said Shupp.  “This includes better jobs, safer jobs, and more oversight for education in our communities; within a decade, Texas will be that state with the best jobs, I am convinced. I think it can be done. If you think we can do it as a state? Then vote for me! Thank you for your consideration.”

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