Jay Stittleburg announces candidacy for State Senate District 4


Jay Stittleburg is running for State Senate District 4.

“My name is Jay Stittleburg. I am an Iraq War Veteran, graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and served as a submarine warfare officer in the Navy. I currently work as a Project Manager in the oil and gas industry and consult owner/operators of oil, gas and petrochemical facilities on OHSA, EPA and DHS regulatory compliance,” said Stittleburg. “I also volunteer on two work groups for the Montgomery County Behavioral Health and Suicide Prevention Task Force and volunteer time to Education for Tomorrow Alliance.

“I am your Democratic nominee for Texas Senate District 4, the first in nearly 20 years,” said Stittleburg. “I am running because I moved to Texas 13 years ago when I left the military and here is what I have seen in those 13 years; Texas is nationally ranked near the bottom in public education, near the top in property tax burden, #1 in the number of rural healthcare clinics and hospitals that have closed, #1 in the number of uninsured Texans we have, dead last in funding for mental health care and access and no aggressive plans or policy for flooding or flood mitigation. The status quo is not working, and we need forward looking and independent thinking leaders elected to our state legislature.”

“Our politics requires balance, listening and compromise to work for the people, and I can bring that to Austin and the residents of Senate District 4. I have a passion for politics and public service and understand the meaning of public service, which is not about me, but about all of you,” said Stittleburg. “I understand that, if elected, I am elected to represent everyone and not just those that support me. I will have an open-door policy and will listen and work to make the quality of life better for everyone that lives in the district.”

“I am asking for your support and your vote this November and if you want to learn more about me or want to ask me about the issues that impact you, please go to www.JayStittleburg.com and contact me and I will be happy to have a discussion,” said Stittleburg. “Finally, please be engaged on your state and local politics, as they have a significant impact on your daily lives and your pocketbooks, and please exercise your Constitutional right to vote, this and every election.”

Editor’s note: The above announcement was provided by the candidate. Bluebonnet News of Montgomery County is offering one free announcement to candidates in all local races in the November 3rd election. Announcements should be no longer than 500 words. Announcements, along with a picture of yourself, should be submitted to newsdesk@bluebonnetnews.com.

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