Chris Duncan announces candidacy for U.S. House, District 8


Chris Duncan is running for U.S. House, District 8.

“I grew up in Montgomery and graduated from Montgomery High School. From there, I went full-ride to Texas A&M to study Economics, Mathematics, and Physics. I have lived in Montgomery for 19 of the past 20 years,” said Duncan. “I am currently pursuing my law degree from the University of Houston Law Center and will graduate in May 2021. Since graduation from A&M, I worked for a year as an Analyst at Capital One. For the past six years, I have managed a family oil field business that operates in the Houston area. I understand all too well the effects that the draconian economic shutdowns have had on the economy, and the further damage that can be done if we do not remedy the situation swiftly.”

“I believe I am the only candidate who, principally, wants to dramatically decrease the federal government’s size and scope, allowing for a drastic reduction in taxes and more money in the pockets of the taxpayer. As a Libertarian, I advocate for more rights and liberties than the other two parties combined, and would fight to restore the freedoms that are slowly being eroded by the ever-expanding federal monolith,” said Duncan.

“My undergrad degree in Economics allows me to understand that you cannot continue to shut down the economy indefinitely without smothering it and that you cannot tax your way into prosperity,” Duncan said. “It also clarifies the relatively simple concept that you cannot spend more than you bring in, and our government spends an absurd amount of money. Lastly, simple economics show that socialism is a nonstarter. As mentioned, I am currently pursuing a law degree, which will come in handy for understanding the monumental bills that Congress tries to pass, and for legislating generally. It also aids with my being able to read, and actually understand, the Constitution and to bind myself to its principles, unlike most other politicians.”

“Lastly, my lack of association with big-money interests means that I am free to vote my conscience without undue financial influence, and to ensure that every vote is a vote on behalf of the people, for the people,” said Duncan. “I will represent your interests in freedom and prosperity better than any other candidate could, and I vow to uphold the Constitution on which I would swear my oath. “Be a Patriot, Trade Brady!” For Liberty.”

Editor’s note: The above announcement was provided by the candidate. Bluebonnet News of Montgomery County is offering one free announcement to candidates in all local races in the November 3rd election. Announcements should be no longer than 500 words. Announcements, along with a picture of yourself, should be submitted to

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