Cameron Brock announces candidacy for State Senate District 4


Cameron Brock is a candidate for State Senate District 4.

“I have three degrees, two in media & communications and one in chemical process technology,” said Brock. “While attending Oak Ridge High School, I had a government teacher who made my class read the Constitution. Since reading it, I’ve become an advocate for liberty. Our government has become tyrannical. It is my goal to protect your freedoms.”

“I want to reopen Texas completely. Every worker is essential. No matter how you make your paycheck, you are providing a good or a service,” said Brock. “That good or service is essential to someone. If it wasn’t essential, you wouldn’t be in business. Governor Abbott has no right to take away your source of income and I will work to remove him from office.”

‘It is my intention to eliminate property taxes completely. Whether you have paid off your mortgage or bought your home with a lump sum, you own your property. When your house is paid off, you should not pay a penny more. The government doesn’t own your house. You do,” Brock said. “The current incumbent is on the Senate Committee on Property Tax. Have your property taxes risen recently? I’ll be happy to change that.”

“I want to legalize gambling, particularly sports books. Mattress Mack is a major Astros fan. A lot of us are fans of our local sports teams,” said Brock. “In 2019, Mattress Mack wanted to give away some furniture to his community with his “Win it all. Get it all.” promotion. To protect his business and have a little fun, he wagered approximately $20 million in three states on his beloved Astros. If the Astros won, our community would have received free furniture. The Astros lost and $20 million went out of state. Why? Because our legislators refuse to legalize gambling. That’s $20 million that could’ve remained in state. Not only that, but legalizing gambling would create massive amounts of jobs and a plethora of opportunity.”

“Finally, I grew up in the Texas education system. My sister taught for five years in our public education system. I have been a substitute. I speak with many friends in education too. It’s a disaster. My senior year of high school, the TEA tried to pull students out of class to do a physical test,” said Brock. “My AP English teacher, a brilliant women, was honored at a dinner. An official came up to her and asked her if there is anything they can do to help her. She responded, “Yes. You can let me teach.” Teaching children Common Core and how to take a standardized test Is not my idea of an education. I want to get state government out of education. It belongs to the students, the parents and the teachers. I will work to localize education. The suits in Austin have no clue what is best for your child. You do. My name is Cameron Brock and I trust you to govern your own life.”

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