Curt Maddux announces candidacy for Conroe City Council Position 2


Curt Maddux is a lifelong resident of Conroe, Texas and is running for Conroe City Council Position 2. Maddux says he understands that with Conroe’s growth and reputation, both its citizens and area communities are expecting much from its council.

Maddux is intent on making Conroe’s physical growth match its median income growth, as well as its infrastructure, and says he clearly understands that changes and making those changes requires courage.

“I have the courage to grow and change,” said Maddux.

Maddux adds that he is a leader in the Conroe community, and has been for a number of years. He says his leadership is based upon hard work and commitment to accomplishing goals.

“I am proud to run for this office and look forward to serving the citizens and taxpayers of the City of Conroe. I am ready and I possess the necessary courage to change,” said Maddux.

As a City Councilman, Maddux says his leadership and experience in budgeting, human resources, administration and sales will help in decision-making and communication. He adds that he will employ every way possible to keep in touch with the citizens and hear their needs through typical digital, social media and community events.

“I am here to serve,” said Maddux.

Maddux is a native Conroe resident and a 1987 graduate of Conroe High School. An avid golfer, Maddux says he knows he is blessed to work in that world as Vice President of Conroe Golf Cars. With Conroe Golf Cars President and Owner John Sebastian, Maddux says he’s been part of a team that has taken CGC to a $25 million company with retail and commercial sales, as well as a brisk rental business. Maddux says the friendship he has with John Sebastian is roughly 40 years old, and started on a grade school Conroe Area Youth Baseball field.

Curt’s wife, Tonya Brown Maddux, also graduated from Conroe High School. They have two sons. His oldest son is a sophomore at the University of Houston, and his younger son is a sophomore at Conroe High School.

Editor’s note: The above announcement was provided by the candidate. Bluebonnet News of Montgomery County is offering one free announcement to candidates in all local races in the November 3rd election. Announcements should be no longer than 500 words. Announcements, along with a picture of yourself, should be submitted to

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