Conroe ISD Campus Curbside Meal Pickup starts October 1


Beginning Thursday, October 1, Conroe ISD will offer FREE breakfast and lunch to ALL In-Person and Remote/Online students as well as children ages 18 and younger in the community. Students in Remote/Online Instruction and children 18 and younger who are not attending school on campus will pick up free meals curbside on Tuesday and Thursday from 10 AM – 12 PM at the junior high located in their feeder zone.

• Irons Junior High

• Knox Junior High

• McCullough Junior High

• Moorhead Junior High

• Peet Junior High

• Stockton Junior High

• York Junior High

Parents must present an approved form of ID for any child not present in the vehicle. To learn more, visit:…/campus-curbside-meal-pick-up/.

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