Ten-year-old Student who is a member of Montgomery County 4-H speaks to Commissioners Court about the organization

Karis Downs. Picture courtesy of Rachel Downs.

Ten-year-old Karis Downs, a Montgomery County 4-H Member, spoke to Montgomery County Commissioners Court about the 4-H organization, and the projects she’s accomplished this year.

Downs spoke following a proclamation read to Commissioners during their regular meeting on September 22, declaring October 4-10 National 4-H Week.

Downs serves as Secretary of Champion 4-H Club, and is Secretary of the Montgomery County 4-H Council.

Karis Downs and other 4-h Members at the Commissioners Court meeting. Picture courtesy of Michelle M. Mihalek.

Downs spoke to Commissioners Court about the community service projects she’s involved in.

“I really enjoy helping others and helping the community. “Last year for my community service, I did Project Linus blankets, Downs told Commissioners. I made 25 blankets, which took me 38 hours, and I had 14 people donate 54 blankets to me. “I was able to donate 79 blankets in total. My goal is to be able to donate 500 blankets to Project Linus by the time I graduate. I want to wrap as many children in love that I can.”

Downs also talked to Commissioners about serving the local Senior Community, and working specifically with Strake Place Assisted Living in Conroe.

“One of the projects I did was a piggy parade at the Strake Place in the middle of COVID-19, said Downs. I show pigs, and of course all of the major shows and Montgomery County Fair were cancelled, so that left me with six pigs to sell. “I brought two pigs to the Assisted Living Center, and walked them around all of the residents’ windows. “The residents had a sheet of paper, and they guessed each pig’s weight. I walked by 39 residents’ windows so they could see the pigs, and have a great day. “The residents were confined to their rooms because of COVID-19.”

Downs said that before COVID-19, she had started to put on bingo at Strake Place.

“I collected and assembled seven gift baskets filled with goodies, ten bags of prizes and three individual gifts, said Downs. I called 20 games of bingo for 16 residents, making them smile. I also made “Thinking of You” Cards for Strake Place residents. “I handmade 40 cards and one poster board for the residents. I made these cards so they would know that people still love them, even though they can’t have visitors. “Making these cards took me nine hours, but it was worth the time it took.”

One of the community service projects Downs did as a member of the Montgomery County 4-H Council was making hygiene bags for the homeless and collecting food and supplies for the Montgomery County Animal Shelter.

“I was able to do 60 hours of community service this year, said Downs. I plan on doing much more this year. I love doing community service.”

Downs then thanked the Commissioners Court for supporting the youth of Montgomery County.

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