Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough talks about Governor Abbott’s Latest Update on Reopening State


From Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough:

While in the hospital I just listened to the Governor’s update. Like many of my previous statements regarding personal responsibility, the Governor today mentioned Texans knowing and having the tools to remain safe and he encouraged personal vigilance as we move forward. However, the actions he has taken today don’t encourage personal responsibility at all. We are still not open at 100%. While he will allow many economic sectors to return to 75% occupancy starting next week, that is not good enough! 75% occupancy still implies 25% closed, which translates into 25% less workforce and so on. Not to mention the bars all across this state are still shuttered. This is devastating to their businesses, and at this point it is irresponsible that the state can’t find a way to give these businesses a fighting chance by letting them open to some degree. 75% occupancy in a Walmart can’t be any safer than 25% occupancy in a bar. I wholeheartedly believe that Texans can make good safe choices for ourselves and our families. When it comes to social distancing, staying home when sick and avoiding crowds and utilizing a face mask when appropriate. There was talk today of personal vigilance, and I want to encourage the Governor to set us free and let us all make those choices for ourselves and exercise the personal vigilance he encouraged.

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the thoughts and prayers you have given over this last week for me and my family and the deputy constable and his family. I know personally they have help lift our spirits and have encouraged me every step of the way to get back to work as quickly as I can. Thank you and God Bless!

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