North Montgomery County Firefighters go to California to Help Fight Wildfires


Nearly 2 years since the last deployment to California, Montgomery County ESD 1 will be answering another call for assistance. Earlier this week, the State of Texas Emergency Operations Center was requested by the State of California to send firefighters to assist with the raging wildfires. Texas is sending the TIFMAS (Texas Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid System) Deployment Team, which is made up of firefighters from all over the state.

Montgomery County ESD 1 Fire Crew. Picture courtesy of Montgomery County ESD 1.

Montgomery County ESD 1 has six specially trained wildland firefighters, and two type VI boosters headed out as part of the team to help fight the wildfires. They left Willis
on Friday, September 11, to meet up with some of the others at Bucees in Katy. It will take the convoy approximately 2 days to travel and they are expected to arrive in California sometime Sunday or Monday.

We do not know their exact location yet, as they will receive their orders from California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection officials once they arrive. Firefighters will be deployed for at least two weeks. If at that point additional assistance is needed, the type VI boosters will remain in California and new crews will be rotated to take the place of crews returning to Texas.

Leaving on 9/11 makes this particular deployment a special one as we remember and honor all the victims that tragically lost their lives 19 years ago!

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