Motorcycle Thief Suspect reportedly said he had Coronavirus to avoid arrest

Sammey Nelson

Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constable Officials say on April 2 at around 4:30 am, Sammey Nelson was walking in the area of Louis and FM 1314 in Porter, to purchase some cigarettes at a nearby store. As he was walking back to his residence from the store, a motorcycle in a storage facility for a local towing company caught his eye. According to Nelson, he couldn’t resist it. Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constable Officials say Nelson then allegedly cut the fence to the storage facility and took the motorcycle back to his residence in the 21000 block of Alexander Lane.

Stolen Motorcycle. Picture courtesy of Precinct 4.

Day shift deputies quickly heard of the theft and began an investigation, quickly locating the suspect and the motorcycle, which had already been taken apart. Officials say Nelson was arrested after he confessed. Also located during the investigation was a pistol and methamphetamine. During the arrest, Nelson allegedly bit the inside of his cheek as to be able to spit blood and told deputies he had “the corona” in hopes of not being arrested. Nelson was transported to the local hospital for treatment and transported to the Montgomery County Jail. The motorcycle was returned to the storage lot.

Scene of Motorcycle Theft. Picture courtesy of Precinct 4.

Constable Hayden commended the deputies on their hard work for hearing about a theft in our area and quickly jumping on it; finding leads, doing a thorough investigation and attaining a confession from the suspect. Constable Hayden stated, “People in our community have been going through enough lately, they do not need people like this stealing from them.” “Let this be a warning to others in our area that may be trying to take advantage of others during these times, our deputies are on the street 24/7, responding to calls, patrolling the neighborhoods and commercial areas, doing everything we can to stop people like Mr. Nelson from committing these crimes.”

The suspect is 50-year-old Sammey Nelson from Porter, on charges of the State Jail Felony of Theft, a State Jail Felony, Possession of a Firearm by Felon, a Third Degree Felony and Possession of a Controlled Substance (Methamphetamine), a State Jail Felony.

Theft of Motorcycle scene. Picture courtesy of Precinct 4.

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