Montgomery County Animal Shelter receives $300,000 Valentine’s Day Surprise

The Montgomery County Animal Shelter Staff and members of the Petco Foundation.

The Montgomery County Animal Shelter not only was treated to a great breakfast on Valentine’s Day, but they were presented with a $300,000 grant check from the Petco Foundation.

Montgomery County Animal Shelter Director Aaron Johnson, Petco Foundation President Susanne Kogut, Mark Wysocki, Shelter Assistant Director and others holding a check from the Petco Foundation.

“You guys are so amazing, and we are so thankful for the work that you do, said Susanne Kogut, President of the Petco Foundation. All of us at Petco and the Petco Foundation, from the bottom of our hearts, we really do appreciate what you do. We know it’s hard, we know it’s hard work every day to come in and see the faces and they count on you to save their lives. We’re right there with you, and all these guys in our Petco stores are working for you, trying to help raise funds like this.”

Petco Foundation Valentine’s Day cards for the Montgomery County Animal Shelter.

Montgomery County Animal Shelter Director Aaron Johnson said they are very thankful to the Petco Foundation.

“They’ve been huge supporters of us. I can’t thank them enough. I can call Susanne (Kogut) all the time with crazy ideas, and she’ll think it’s not a crazy idea,” said Johnson.

Gifts for the pets at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter, courtesy of the Petco Foundation.

Johnson also talked about the collaboration with the Petco Stores and BOBS from Skechers and MUTTS, who delivered Skechers shoes for the staff.

“Our working together has been incredible. I think it’s giving shelters like us more support and giving us more notice, and putting us out there so people know what we are and what we’re doing. We’re trying to save more lives,” said Johnson.

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