Conroe Council votes no to a special election on a proposed amendment that would limit terms of Mayor and City Council

Conroe City Council at their regular meeting on Feb. 13.

Conroe City Council voted no to an ordinance calling a special election on May 2, on a proposed amendment to the Home Rule Charter, that would limit the election of the Mayor and Council members to no more than two terms in each office. Council voted on this during their regular meeting the evening of Feb. 13. at Conroe City Hall.

There were two choices to the proposed amendment Council voted on. The first choice stated that no person holding office on May 2, 2020 shall be eligible for re-election to the same office if such incumbent has been previously elected to the office more than once. A candidate for office elected on May 2, 2020, who was not then an office holder, shall be eligible for re-election a single four-year term. There was no motion accepted for this choice, so it died for lack of a motion.

The second choice stated that the term limits imposed by this section (of the ordinance) shall be applicable to persons elected on or after May 2, 2020, and no election prior to such date shall limit a person’s eligibility for office. Council voted no in a three-to-two vote for this choice.

To look at the Home Rule Charter in regards to City Council and the Mayor, click on the link below:

The Conroe City Council election is May 2.

Here are the candidates who have filed:


Toby Powell (incumbent)

Council Place 1

Duane Ham (incumbent)

Todd Yancey

Council Place 2

Marsha Porter

Carl White

Curt Maddux

For more information on the election log onto:

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