Conroe Community Cemetery cleanup continues with help of cadaver dogs

Cadaver dog with the group K-9 Search and Rescue of Texas participating in cleanup of Cemetery. Picture courtesy of Conroe Community Cemetery Restoration Project.

The Conroe Community Cemetery Restoration Project will hold the second cleanup of 2020 on Saturday, Feb. 8.

The first cleanup of the new year for the Cemetery, located on North Tenth Street in Conroe, happened on Jan. 25.

“We got the large brush pile, that was about 40 feet by about 100 feet cleared out, said John Meredith, Treasurer of the Conroe Community Restoration Project Board of Directors. “We took down another brush pile, and we’re working up the north side of the Cemetery and we’re finding more indications of graves over in that area that we hadn’t suspected before.”

Meredith said they went out to the Cemetery with a group called K-9 Search and Rescue of Texas.

“They came out with their cadaver dogs helping us look at graves out there to see if they could identity some, that were either not identified or (were) just a shallow depression which we suspect is a grave. “They got hits on about nine. It was the first time out there and they just let them (the dogs) run.” We’re going to try some other things with them to see if they can help us identify graves in a little bit more detail possibly.”

Meredith said there’s a lot of issues with what the K-9’s can find out at the cemetery, because most of the burials are about 100 years old.

“We’re going to use every tool in our tool box basically to try and identify all of the burials out there, and at least get an unknown marker put on the graves that we identify.”

Volunteers participating in the cleanup of the Cemetery. Picture courtesy of The Conroe Community Cemetery Restoration Project.

Meredith said their cleanup on Feb. 8 will be concentrated on the north side of the Cemetery.

“We’ve gotten (about) 90 percent of the burials that we’re aware of or suspect to have been cleared. There’s still a lot of stumps that you can trip on; there’s still a lot to do.”

Meredith said there’s around two acres left to clear.

“We’re working our way through that. We won’t finish it this Spring, but we will finish it.”

Meredith said they recently received a $2,000 donation from Spirit of Texas Bank.

“We’ve just put together a little insert into our brochure that lists all our sponsors; corporate sponsors, such as the Montgomery County Historical Commission that put up the fence for us.”

Meredith said Heritage Sanitation donated a porta potty for the volunteers to use when they’re cleaning up the Cemetery.

Meredith said he recently has gone out to the Cemetery with his metal detector.

“I’m really just looking for iron mostly, because there are a lot of burials that we suspect are there, but there’s no marker of any kind. I went out there this last time and found three different pieces of metal.” One was an old flower stand, that you would put flowers on at the head of a grave, that we didn’t know for sure was a grave, so that identified it as definitely a burial.” There were also two rusty temporary markers (found) at the heads of graves.” That’s helping us also.”

The next cleanup of the Conroe Community Cemetery is Feb. 8, from eight a.m. to four p.m. weather permitting.

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