Stolen Vehicle and Evading Criminals


On January 7, Deputies with the Montgomery County Precinct 5 Constables Department ran the license plate of a suspicious vehicle with a Florida license plate and found it to be stolen.

Deputies conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle in the La Quinta Hotel parking lot on FM 1488 near FM 2978. Deputies attempted to get the occupants out of the vehicle when the driver allegedly ran off on foot. The passenger in the vehicle was identified as Danitzca Dunkle, a 30 year old woman from Bellville. Dunkle had a warrant for her arrest for a Bond Forfeiture. Dunkle told deputies who the driver was, and he was identified as Christopher Galloway, a 37 year old man from Magnolia. Dunkle was taken to the Montgomery County Jail and released to jail staff. Deputies returned to where the driver ran from. After a short investigation it was found that the driver was staying in a room at the hotel under a friend’s name. Deputies went to the room and located Galloway and arrested him. Galloway allegedly told deputies that he ran because he was scared. Galloway was taken to the Montgomery County Jail and released to jail staff.  

Galloway was charged with Unauthorized use of a Motor Vehicle, a state jail felony, and for Evading Arrest, a class A misdemeanor. Dunkle was arrested for her Bond Forfeiture warrant.

“The Precinct 5 Constable’s are proactively searching for thieves throughout the Precinct. Serving and protecting the citizens and their property is priority for our Department. We will continue to pursue those who look to steal from the hard working people in this County and State,” said Precinct 5 Constable Chris Jones.

If you are aware of any illegal activity, please contact the Precinct 5 Constables Office at 281-259-6493, or visit our website CONSTABLE5.ORG to provide an anonymous tip.

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