Hurricane safe room to be built at Covenant Christian School


Covenant Christian School, located just north of The Grand Theater off of the I-45 feeder road, will house a hurricane safe room for first responders and emergency officials.

“About a year ago they applied for a FEMA grant to construct a hurricane safe room gymnasium, said Jace Houston, General Manager for the San Jacinto River Authority and a Covenant Christian parent. “Most of the time it will serve as a gym for the school, but it’s built as a concrete dome.” It’s impervious to high winds, such as hurricanes and tornadoes, and anytime there’s a major emergency event, the County Emergency Management and the City of Conroe Emergency Management will take over the gym. It will become a shelter to house first responders and emergency officials, so they can ride out the storm and then be prepared to work as soon as the storm passes.”

Houston said it’s a super exciting project.

An event will be held on Friday, Jan. 17, to kick off the project.

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