Woodlands Chamber hosts annual Taste of the Town Jan. 16


The Woodlands Chamber of Commerce will host their 34th annual Taste of the Town on Jan. 16 at the Woodlands Waterway Marriott.

Chamber President J.J. Hollie said close to 40 restaurants in The Woodlands are featured every year.

“It’s not the same restaurants all the time, and I think that gives people who come exposure to some place new that they might want to go to, said Hollie. “What’s nice is it’s a lot of the higher end restaurants, like Robard’s or Truluck’s, and you can go and sample one of their signature dishes, and you may say that tasted great, I may go give that a try sometime.”

Hollie said Escalante’s restaurant, which didn’t participate last year, will be there this year, as well as Nona’s and Peli Peli, which is a new restaurant in The Woodlands.

“I’ve personally dined at Peli Peli, and it’s South African cuisine, so it’s different but it’s not “way out there.” It’s food that you would enjoy.”

Taste of the Town is held from four p.m. to nine p.m.

Hollie said they ask each restaurant to bring three-thousand servings of a dish, so they rarely run out, but he does suggest people get to the event early because there could be a really popular dish.

“Even if someone runs out, there’s tons of food around. There’s 40 restaurants, so you have a lot of calories to digest that night.”

Hollie said $30,000 to $40,000 is usually made from Taste of the Town.

“This supports all the programs and services that the Chamber does. I like to say that the Chamber is watching issues and keeping an eye on things, so you can focus on your business.” You don’t have to worry about issues like water, flood management, drought management, roads, transportation, mobility issues and workforce development, because those are issues we focus on so that your business can be successful.”

Hollie said three-thousand to four-thousand people usually attend Taste of the Town.

“It will be packed and it’s great. We have changed the layout significantly the past few years that really helps. In the past you could get in and you were just packed in and couldn’t move.” We’ve moved things around so we get the same number of people coming through, but they’ll move through much more efficiently and you don’t feel so crowded.”

Hollie said they have some standup tables, so you don’t always have to carry your food and eat.

Hollie said the Chamber does a survey every year on Taste of the Town.

“One thing we always hear from our surveys is we didn’t have wine. This year, we’re working hard, and we think we’ll have a booth that will have wine available.”

Tickets for Taste of the Town are $35 if you prepay and it will cost $40 at the door.

Tickets for kids ages 6-12 are $20 if you prepay, and are $25 at the door.

You can purchase the tickets online by logging onto https://www.woodlandschamber.org/, or you can go to 2020 Taste of the Town by doing a Google search.

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