Area Animal Rescue group teams up with First Financial Bank to benefit spay/neuter project

Nubby Bowlin is the Ambassador of W.E.A.R. Picture courtesy of W.E.A.R.

The animal rescue group W.E.A.R., or Warriors Educate About Rescue, teamed up with First Financial Bank in Conroe throughout this month to raise funds for their 2020 spay/neuter project with Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center, located in Conroe and Willis.

W.E.A.R. is a 501c3 non-profit, started in 2016.

Lou Robinson, who started W.E.A.R., said they started specifically to go into the schools, and they teach preschool kids and older kids also, about awareness and change in the care and outcome of companion pets.

“We can go into businesses, like Stone Ridge, if they’re interested in holding something for the community. We started doing that because our motto is “in order to change the future, we must teach the present,” said Robinson. I’ve been in rescue for such a long time, and it has changed and it is getting better, but in Texas and some of our other southern states, and I live, breathe and bleed Texas, it’s being able to change our mindset on how to take care of our animals.”

Robinson said that mindset is not just for the abandoned or abused.

Festival of Trees at First Financial Bank.

“If you boil it back down to something that’s smaller, like taking care of our own companion animals a little better than what we’re doing, then it starts to curb those other areas.” So, I started that specifically to get into the education process of that.” We do rescue animals, cats and dogs, but we’ve been known to do a potbellied pig, flying squirrel, it’s just what needs help.” We do mostly handicapped pets, along with the education.”

Robinson said Nubby Bowlin is the Ambassador of W.E.A.R. Nubby is a white boxer born in 2017, with under developed front legs but otherwise he’s healthy.

“He’s a really big thing in the social media world, and he has followers all over. He has done wonders in bringing awareness to handicapped pets and being able to give them a voice.”  More and more of that is happening, especially in the year 2019. “It really turned a corner in 2019 about being able to still give those pets a quality of life.”  There’s families out there that will do that, like mine. Nubby resides with us, and in January he’ll be three. It is a challenge when you have a handicapped pet, but they bring just as much to the table as a regular four-legged pet.”

Festival of Trees at First Financial Bank.

Robinson said they are located in Montgomery County, but they don’t have a facility.

“Everything is donations only, but we’re in the Montgomery County area, Conroe, so our 501 address is Conroe.”

Robinson said this year alone they have rescued four pets like Nubby, with no front-end, and they’ve also rescued the tripod dogs and polydactyl dogs, the ones that were born with the foot attached to the body and had six toes.

They’re also involved with rescuing dogs with degenerate myopathy.

“That’s a big thing for education too, and we try do a lot of that.”

Robinson said one of their biggest projects in the community is the Never Lost Pet Project.

“We completely microchip your dog for free. We hold a clinic once a quarter, and last year we made our quota and actually hit our once a quarter.” First we started out with one, then we went to two, and it’s all funded through charitable donations.” Microchip is not 100 percent, but it gives your animal a huge chance to return home, and that’s my big thing, is let’s give them a better chance. One in three animals will go missing from their home for some reason; accident, car wreck, somebody left the gate open, robbery, or just wondered off when you were talking to a friend.”

Festival of Trees at First Financial Bank.

W.E.A.R. teamed up with First Financial Bank for a Festival of Trees, Silent Auction, with the proceeds going towards their spay/neuter project for 2020.

Robinson said their goal is to spay/neuter 50 community pets, and they’ll be working with Stone Ridge Veterinary Clinic.

Robinson said First Financial has been great to partner with for this 2020 spay/neuter project. The Festival of Trees involved 20 trees.

“We’re hoping to grow it next year. Each individual took a tree and they decorated it. That became a contest for those 20 people.” The contest was $30, and we gave them a little three-foot green tree. We covered the cost of getting the trees.”

Robinson said the trees were on display at First Financial Bank all this month and people bid on the trees.

Wendy Baker, First Financial Bank’s Marketing Coordinator, said they were thrilled to be able to help W.E.A.R.

“It’s for such a great cause and we hope that they continue making it an annual event.”

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