Local Musician Josh Fuller helps raise money for his father and stepmother after their home was destroyed by fire

The house, shop and one of the vehicles owned by Steve and Linda Fuller. All of it was destroyed in a fire on Dec. 11. Picture courtesy of Josh Fuller.

Close to five-thousand dollars has been raised so far through a Go Fund Me account set up for local musician Josh Fuller’s father and step mother, Steve and Linda Fuller, who lost their home in New Waverly in a fire on Dec. 11.

“Last Wednesday they were getting ready to go to bed, and they had just done their evening prayers together. My dad heard a noise, walked outside to inspect it and about the time he was getting to the door, the fire alarms went off,” said Josh Fuller. As he opened the front door, a bunch of flames  and smoke rushed into the house. They had a couple of minutes to get out of there, and if they had been sound asleep I don’t think they would of.”

Fuller said the house was destroyed, but luckily, they got out.

“My dad made it out the side door, and his wife Linda made it out the back bedroom window. Some passers-by on the road called 911 because all of their phones and everything were in the fire, and they couldn’t get anything out.” My dad had his wallet and her (step-mother) purse was in her car. Unfortunately her keys were in the house, but her car wasn’t locked , so luckily they still had their id’s, but that’s about all they got out with.”

Fuller said his dad’s shop that he works out of for his fertilizer business completely burned down, and one of his work trucks that was parked about 50 feet away from the house, was also destroyed in the fire.

Fuller said his dad and stepmom have insurance.

“Unfortunately they were a little under-insured, so it’s going to help but it definitely won’t cover what they lost. That’s just an unfortunate thing. To be honest, my dad is an old school cowboy, and I was actually impressed he had any insurance at all.” I’m at least happy they did have that, and that’s why I set up a go fund me account to help them out.”

Fuller said he and his siblings couldn’t really think of a way they could help them more other than to get some extra money coming in.

Remnants of what remains following a fire at Steve and Linda Fuller’s house, following a fire on Dec. 11. Picture courtesy of Josh Fuller.

“We reached out to people through facebook and everything else, and so far it’s doing pretty good. I just looked it up and to date, we are at $4,730. “We set the goal at $10,000. We had to go back and forth on that. I wanted to go for gusto, and wanted to set a goal for like $25,000, and my sister said maybe you should ask for $7500, and we went with $10,000.”

Fuller said his dad is a very faithful person.

“He definitely believes in God and God’s blessings and his ability to have miracles happen. I figured that it doesn’t matter what our goal is that we set, if that’s a tool that God can use to get people to help, then why not, and so they’ll get what they need out of that and that’s great.”

Fuller said a lot of people have come forward to help his dad and stepmom.

“They have some good friends, Bob and Dee, who called and didn’t even ask if he (dad) wanted to stay, they just said we’ve already got our rooms cleaned out, when can we expect you.”

Fuller said there’s also people offering furniture and clothing, which is great.

“They didn’t have a place to put anything because it all burned, but now a storage unit in Huntsville has donated a storage unit for them.”

Fuller said he and his brother are working on getting a collection site for people to drop off needed items, and he said he hopes to have that set by next week.

“We’re going to take all that people want to give, and then my dad and Linda will be able to keep what they need. “Then my brother, sister and I have agreed that whatever my parents don’t need we pay it forward to somebody else in need at the time.” That’s the greatest thing about some of these tragedies, is that it gets people kind of in the right frame of mind, with the giving and the thinking of others and all that. “My dad has been a giving person his whole life, and so it’s terrible that he needs it now, but it’s great to see that the give and you shall receive thing is working for him as well. He’s being repaid by all the generosity he’s done in his life, and it’s good to see.”

Here is the link to the Go Fund Me Page for Steve and Linda Fuller:


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