Dec. 9 marked the deadline to file for candidacy in the March 2020 Primary Election

Democratic candidates filing for candidacy in the March 2020 Primary Election.

Six p.m. Dec. 9 was the deadline for people to file for candidacy in the March 3, 2020 Primary Election.

Montgomery County Republican Party Chair Dr. Wally Wilkerson, who will be retiring as Chairman in June of next year, said out of the 100 voting precincts in the County, eight do not have candidates for Precinct Chair.

Montgomery County Republican Party Chair Dr. Wally Wilkerson.

Wilkerson is retiring after serving as the Republican Party Chair since 1964. Wilkerson talked about how things have changed in the County over the last 55 years.

“You can’t believe how it’s changed. When I came here as a young doctor in 1958, the population in Montgomery County was about 21,000, and I was the ninth doctor in the whole County,” said Wilkerson. There were 18 voting precincts, and now we have 100, and the County was totally controlled by the Democrat party.”

Here is the list of Republican Candidates who have filed for candidacy in the March 2020 Primary Election (courtesy of the Montgomery County Republican Party website)

State Representative District 15

Steve Toth

State Representative District 16

Will Metcalf

Judge 9th District

Phil Grant

Judge 435th District

Patty McGinnis

Judge 457th District

Robert “Bobby” Kasprzak

Vince Santini

Eric Yollick

Judge 418th District

Tracy Gilbert

Judge 410th District

Jennifer James Robin

Judge County Court at Law 5

Keith Mills Stewart

District Attorney

Brett Ligon

County Attorney

B.D. Griffin

County Sheriff

Rand Henderson

County Tax Assessor-Collector

Tammy McRae

County Commissioner Precinct 1

Billy Graff

Robert Walker

County Commissioner Precinct 3

James Noack

Constable Precinct 1

Philip Cash

Constable Precinct 2

Daniel Pena

Gene DeForest

David Eason

Clyde Vogel

Constable Precinct 3

Ryan Gable

Constable Precinct 4

Kenneth “Rowdy” Hayden

King Merritt

Constable Precinct 5

Brian Clack

Chris Jones

To see the list of candidates filing for Republican Party Chair and Precinct Chairs, log onto:

Montgomery County Democratic Party Chair Marc Meyer talked about the local democratic candidates who filed for the March 2020 Primary.

“Mike Midler is going to be running for County Commissioner Precinct 1. He ran for House District 16 in 2018, said Meyer. Lorena Perez McGill is running again for State House District 15;she ran in 2018. Maher Husseini is running for Sheriff, and Lorie Breitmeyer Jones is running for County Commissioner Precinct 3. She’s our current Deputy Chair of the Democratic Party here in Montgomery County.”

Meyer himself filed for candidacy for 457th District Judge.

Meyer talked about other Democratic candidates who filed for the March Primary.

“Martin Shupp is running for State House District 3, and that includes a belt across the middle of Montgomery County and all of Waller County. He has to file with the state, that’s why he didn’t file here,” said Meyer. Then, State Senate District 4, Jay Stittleburg, who ran for County Judge in 2018 and now he’s running for Senate District 4. For Congressional District 8, there are actually two candidates; Laura Jones who is the Chair in San Jacinto County and Elizabeth Hernandez.”

Meyer said Hernandez’s name appeared on the Secretary of State’s website, and he tried to track down more information down about her, but hasn’t been able to at this time.

Meyer said Sharon Berry, out of Houston County, is running for State Board of Education, District 8.

“That district actually covers all the way down into Harris County, and catches all of Montgomery County for the State Board of Education.”

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