College Park High School Band holds Winter Festival

Members of the College Park High School Band participating in the Winter Festival. Members include Jonathan Cassidy, Ira Kadam, Amanda Kott, Andrew West, Mahi Patel and Sohi Patel.

Members of the College Park High School band gathered outside the school on Dec. 8 for a Winter Festival to raise funds for the program. The festival was hosted by the College Park Band Boosters.

“This is the first year that we’re having a winter festival as a fundraiser for our band program. All of the proceeds are going towards funding our marching band and going to competitions, fixing instruments and all of that sort of stuff,” said College Park band member Amanda Kott. We’ve set up all these games and we have all of the band members working to try to have a fun time for the community to come out and play games and support the marching band.”

Kott, who is a Senior, has been in the band for eight years.

“I really love it because one, I just love playing music and being part of an ensemble. Also, being in marching band, I have to do so much practice and then during concert season I have so much rehearsal, that it’s taught me that you really have to work for something,” said Kott.

Andrew West is also a member of the College Park High School Band.

“It’s (the fall festival) is a community event that we’re trying to start as a tradition to do every year. Being in the College Park Band has given me so many opportunities to grow and change myself throughout the Band Director’s teachings,” said West. For me, personally, it cultivates a taste for good music, it cultivates friendship; there’s a lot of connections I’ve made within the band that I’m very thankful for. I’m very happy to be in the College Park Band with our directors and it’s truly just changed my life.”

Members of the College Park High School Band Boosters Club, including Jim Simmons, Becca Talley, Greg Paslay, Catie Dixon, Christie Collins and Lynn Bridges.

Catie Dixon is a parent and member of the College Park Band Boosters.

“We wanted something that was much more community facing. We do a lot of stuff internally, but we’ve got 325 band kids, so it’s a big, big part of the community. Hopefully it will be an annual thing, but it’s our first one,” said Dixon.

Dixon the band kids are a great group of kids.

“The kids that are in, they have discipline, they do a lot of practice, it’s a lot of hours. They come into freshman year already having all these contacts and a lot of structure. The Band Director likes to say that they get better grades when they’re doing marching band because they’re organized; they’ve got a limited amount of time and they’re not goofing off,” said Dixon. It’s a great program and we think the kids that come out of it are really set for success.”

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