Woman whose baby was born in an SUV reunites with first responders who helped her deliver

Lindley Mock and her daughter Khloe, at the Montgomery Fire Station 51, for a reunion of first responders who helped deliver Khloe.

Lindley Mock, who delivered her baby girl, Khloe, in an SUV in the driveway of her home in Dobbin, reunited with the first responders who helped deliver her baby. The reunion was held Dec. 4 at Montgomery Fire Station 51 on Eva Street.

Mock told Bluebonnet News that after teaching high school all day at Klein ISD on March 21 of this year, she came home, then got her hair done and had told her hair dresser she still had another month before her baby’s arrival.

Montgomery Mayor Sara Countryman, Suzie Mock, Linda Mock, Aleen Mock, Brandie Lopez, Lindley Mock, Leo Mock, Montgomery Firefighter Marco Bergamini and Montgomery Fire Lieutenant Robert Sebesta holding baby Khloe, at the Save Reunion.

“I went home, had dinner, took a shower and started to feel weird, not like I was in labor.” I had no idea what that was going to feel like anyways,” said Mock. As the night went on, the pain was kind of still lingering around.”

Mock said later in the night, she started texting her doula, who is a professional trained in childbirth. Mock’s doula lives in Houston.

“Knowing that if I needed her to be here with us, knowing she wasn’t going to make it, because she was two hours away, we were texting back and forth, and she said if you want to go to the hospital, it could just be false and they may just send you back home, that’s kind of your call,” said Mock.

Mock said they just kind of hung around the house for a while longer, and it was about 1:30 in the morning, and she told her mom that maybe they should go to the hospital.

“I went back to my bedroom to get dressed, grab some stuff, my water broke, and then I ran back across the house and said my water just broke. My dad jumped out of bed, my mom was trying to change clothes. I ran outside, she (my mom) called 911, and I thought maybe we could make it to the hospital,” said Mock.

Mock said she got into the car to wait for her mom, and then she thought there’s no way we’ll make it to the hospital.

“No contractions, no warning signs, nothing, it happened that fast. She (my mom) called 911, and they’re sending her through the house looking for things to deliver in case the first responders didn’t make it in time. She finally gets outside to where I was sitting in her car, and I’m telling her I’m holding this baby in, I can feel her head,” said Mock.

At about that time, Mock said the first responders showed up, they took one look and said, yes, that’s her head and we need to move you to the back of the vehicle.

Larson Johnson, Wade Johnson, both with the Montgomery County Hospital District, Lindley and Khloe Mock, Montgomery Firefighter Marco Bergamini and Montgomery Fire Lieutenant Robert Sebesta, at the Save Reunion.

“My mom opened the back of her car. As soon as I laid down that baby came out and the ambulance pulled in, so it all happened so fast, it was kind of like a whirlwind,” said Mock.

Mock said her baby, Khloe, is doing great.

Mock’s mom, Linda Mock, talked about helping her daughter deliver Chloe.

“The very nice 911 dispatcher was talking me through delivering a baby, and I said oh no, no, no, no, no. You tell those firemen to hurry, hurry, hurry, and so they hurried, and two wonderfully nice firemen drove up and took a look and said let’s move her to the back of your car,” said Mock. I said, oh no, let’s move her to the inside of the house, and he said oh, we don’t have time.”

Mock said they quickly unloaded the back of her car, and within two minutes a baby was born.

“The minute the baby was born, the ambulance turned into the driveway, and off we went. She weighed four pounds. From the time I called 911 to the time the baby was in the ambulance, it was 21 minutes. It was my daughter’s first child, there was no pain, there was no preparation, she just came. I truly believe this was God’s story, and my mother sent that baby from heaven.”

Mock had lost her mother on March 11.

Lieutenant Robert Sebesta with the Montgomery Fire Department, said they were dispatched to a pregnancy call. They were dispatched to Junior’s Barbeque, owned by Junior Mock.

“We pulled into Junior’s, nobody’s there and I’m like, good, nobody’s there. We look up, and at Junior’s house, they’re shining a flashlight, and they’re saying come up here, come up here,” said Sebesta.

Sebesta said when they showed up they found the whole family outside, like they’re getting ready to get in the car and go, but they’re not going to make it.

“I asked the mom if she felt anything, like the baby was coming, and she said yes, I feel something. My firefighter checked her out, and said he could see a head. I said, here we go, it’s coming quicker than we thought, so we cleaned out the back of their little SUV they had there at the house,” said Sebesta.

Sebesta said Mock’s parents comforted her, and he asked Mock if it was going to be a boy or a girl, and she said it’s going to be a girl.

“I said, do you have a name picked out, and she said yes, it’s going to be Khloe. I said, well I hate to tell you, but Khloe might be here anytime, sooner than we thought. She said okay, and I said if you feel the need to push, go ahead and push, if not, no rush, we got ambulances on the way,” said Sebesta.

Sebesta said she pushed one time and out came little Khloe.

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