Splendora ISD Students are taking initiative

Members of the Piney Woods Treblemakers. Picture courtesy of the Splendora ISD.

This year, a community-based accountability system (CBAS) is being piloted at Splendora ISD. One of the seven pillars in the CBAS is that the District is focusing on “Engaged, Well-Rounded Students.” Last month, we focused on the key question of how students act nobly. The second key question asked was, “To what degree do students utilize opportunities provided by the district to take initiative and advance personal growth?” 

Each campus has unique clubs and organizations that students can participate in. Greenleaf Elementary School has robotics, student council, Quidditch, but most notably is their Flag Corps program. Comprised of third, fourth, and fifth-grade students, the Corps is geared toward students’ moral, physical, and educational development. The mission and purpose of the Flag Corps is to instill in students the values of good citizenship, love for the United States of America, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment.       

Members of the Greenleaf Elementary Flag Corps. Picture courtesy of the Splendora ISD.

One of the many opportunities at Peach Creek Elementary is the Safety Patrol, which consists of 4th and 5th-grade students. Safety Patrol members help younger students at breakfast and in the hallways, assist in morning bus and car duty, and greet at the main entrance. They go above and beyond to make sure PCE is a place where students are safe, kind, respectful, and responsible.

Member of the Peach Creek Elementary Safety Patrol. Picture courtesy of the Splendora ISD.

Piney Woods Elementary School has numerous clubs and activities for students to find their niche. From art to robotics, students can join clubs to see what they like or develop their passions. One of the most popular groups is the Piney Woods Treblemakers. Led by Choir Teacher Laura Andrews, the choral group performs at local events and attends several competitions. 

As students enter into the secondary schools, there are even more opportunities for students to advance their personal growth. Band, athletics, student council, are some ways students can participate, but this year, WIN (Whatever I Need) time was added to students’ schedules. This provides time for students to participate in non-traditional activities such as yoga, crafts, and crocheting. It has been a huge success and students love their WIN time.


Splendora Junior High student learning to crochet. Picture courtesy of Splendora ISD.

Agriculture, athletics, fine arts, career and technical programs, civic organizations, whatever students want to pursue, there is probably a club or organization for them at Splendora High School. Many of the clubs compete and provide scholarship opportunities. Recently, SHS senior Lauren Grubbs placed 1st in Job Interview at the Splendora FFA Area Leadership Competition and is advancing to the State contest.  

Splendora High School senior Lauren Grubbs, participating in the Job Interview at the Splendora FFA Area Leadership Competition. Picture courtesy of Splendora ISD.

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