UIL District Realignments Announced


The University Interscholastic League announced its Reclassification and Realignment for 2020-2022, and Willis High School is moving to Class 6A, as well as Grand Oaks High School in the Conroe ISD.

Jamie Fails, Willis ISD Spokesperson, told Bluebonnet News the conference cutoff for Class 6-A is 2220, and they are at 2223. Fails said district officials knew the enrollment was growing, and knew changes were possible.

Michael Wall is Willis ISD’S Athletic Director.

“We are excited about the challenges that lie ahead for the Willis athletic programs. We will work hard controlling the things we can control as we jump into the largest classification in the state,” said Wall.

The UIL reports that Grand Oaks High School in the Conroe ISD, has an enrollment of close to 2812.

“Given the growth in our community, Grand Oaks High School was expecting to move from 5A to 6A two years after opening in August 2018, Grand Oaks Principal Dr. Chris Povich told Bluebonnet News. With this in mind, the staff and community have been working together on preparing for this transition. The Grizzly Nation looks forward to being a 6A high school.”

Conroe ISD Officials said all of the high schools in the District, besides Caney Creek High School, will be in Class 6A. Caney Creek is in Class 5A, with an enrollment of around 2129.

Magnolia High School and Magnolia West High School will remain in Class 5A Division 1. Magnolia High School reported an enrollment of 2001 and Magnolia West is at 2107, according to the UIL.

The UIL reports Montgomery High School and Lake Creek will remain in Class 5A Division 2. Montgomery has an enrollment of around 1561 and Lake Creek’s enrollment is 1280. New Caney High School and Porter High School will be in Class 5A Division 1; New Caney’s enrollment is 2052 and Porter is around 2158.

Splendora ISD Officials report the High School will remain in Class 4A Division 1, with an enrollment of around 1185, according to the UIL.

UIL officials say realignment happens every two years. School Districts send in data on schools every year in October to the Texas Education Agency.

UIL officials add that the actual districts the schools will fall into will be announced in February of next year.

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