The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office reports DWI arrest numbers for the Holiday weekend

Vehicular Crimes Chief Prosecutor Andrew James with the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office.

The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office says there were 48 people arrested for DWI during the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, which started the evening of Nov. 27 and ended on Dec. 1.

“Thirty-six of those were first offenders, four of them were felonies with DWI thirds, four had seconds and there were four DWI’S with a child (in the vehicle),” said Vehicular Crimes Chief Prosecutor Andrew James.

James said during the Blackout Wednesday enforcement period, there were seven arrests. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is known as “Blackout Wednesday,” because it’s one of the heaviest drinking days of the year.

James said if someone has two prior DWI convictions, the next one is a felony.

“A DWI third is a felony offense, and you face up to ten years in prison. Even without any prior convictions, if you’re driving while intoxicated with a passenger who is under than 15 years of age, that’s a state jail felony, DWI with a Child,” said James. We had four of those (arrests) this weekend.”

James said DWI No Refusal is held every weekend in Montgomery County, and the funding for it is made possible from a grant through the Texas Department of Transportation.

“Every November through January is when TX-Dot opens up their grant application process, so we have our No Refusal grant that’s been approved that started this Oct. 1 and it goes through Sep. 30th of 2020,” said James. I’m in the process right now of preparing our application for the grant that would start Oct. 1, 2020 and go through Sept. 30th, 2021.”

James said every single weekend there is No Refusal, with personnel working at the Jail to assist officers, in getting blood drawn as quickly as possible from suspects. They also assist officers in drafting blood search warrants for people who have been arrested for DWI offenses and refuse to consent to providing a blood specimen.

“The No Refusal program funds people to be working every single weekend to help speed up the process of drawing blood from intoxicated suspects as well as obtaining blood warrants on those that refuse so the blood evidence can be drawn, to be analyzed to help decide whether someone is guilty or not guilty in their cases,” said James.

James said the next big DWI No Refusal will be around Christmas.

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