Congressman Kevin Brady visits Meals on Wheels Montgomery County, discusses Older Americans Act

Meals on Wheels Executive Director Summer Day visits with Congressman Kevin Brady.

Congressman Kevin Brady from The Woodlands visited the new Meals on Wheels Montgomery County building on Dec. 2, and visited with staff about continued funding for the program through the Older Americans Act.

The new Meals on Wheels building is located at 111 South Second Street in Conroe.

 “A large portion of our funding comes from what’s called the Older American Dollars Act, and so that goes through Congress for approval,” said Meals on Wheels Executive Director Summer Day said. “It’s a five-year plan, it’s been passed through the House of Representatives, it has not yet through the Senate. That’s critical dollars that Congressman Brady was hoping that they are going to secure before the year end so we know what our funding is.”

Congressman Kevin Brady visits with Meals on Wheels volunteers from Exxon Mobil.

Day said the money they receive from the Older Americans Act is about $575,000 a year. Day added at their current operational level, their budget is about $2.5 million annually, and some of the funding comes from grants, including grants that they write.

“Fundraising events that we do, private donations. We do a letter mailout twice a year, so the community can give back,” said Day.

The brand new kitchen at Meals on Wheels Montgomery County.

Day said they serve about 850 clients a year.

Congressman Kevin Brady said the good news is that Meals on Wheels is a very bipartisan program, and has a great reputation because of who it serves and how it serves.

Area Congressman Kevin Brady, Meals on Wheels Executive Director Summer Day and others in the new kitchen in the new Meals on Wheels building.

“Last summer, the House passed a 93-million-dollar increase in the nutrition part of this. It’s over in the Senate now, but the bottom line is, we have to work out the differences in time for Christmas,” said Brady. “They’re already into the budget year, it’s really not fair. It needs to get done, and I’m hopeful it will be done before Congress breaks.”

Area Congressman Kevin Brady with Staff members of Meals on Wheels as well as Meals on Wheels Board members.

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