Friends of Conroe serves over 3,000 Thanksgiving meals, teams up with Walker County organizations to host second Thanksgiving meal

Volunteers at the Thanksgiving Dinner at New Waverly Elementary School.

The Friends of Conroe hosted their Friends Feeding Friends, A Place at God’s Table Thanksgiving dinner at the Salvation Army in Conroe and a second place this year, New Waverly Elementary School, on Nov. 28.

Stephen Naleway with Friends of Conroe said over 3,000 Thanksgiving meals were given out at both locations.

Members of the Friends of Conroe and others, helping at the annual Thanksgiving dinner. Picture courtesy of Stephen Naleway.

The Friends of Conroe hosted the Thanksgiving meal in Walker County with Waverly Station Cowboy Fellowship Church and Walker County 4-H.

“I had worked with them last year. We sponsored with them last year, our church did, at Waverly Station Cowboy Fellowship, and we decided this year that we wanted to branch out into this area,” Debbie Holt, co-organizer of the dinner, said.

Cynthia Minyerd, 4-H Manager, said 4-H is big on community service.

Member of Walker County 4-H, including Korbin Fagan, Cade Johnson, Kinsey Bartee, Colt Holt, Racee Wilkerson, Cody Johnson, Kathryn Johnson and Kelsey Johnson.

“We have 150 to 175 members this year, and we try to encourage our kids and adults to help provide for the community, because New Waverly is really big about taking care of our children,” Minyerd said. We try go give back when we can, and we thought it would be a good idea to partner with Friends of Conroe and Waverly Station to see that our kids have something to do. A lot of kids stay at home because it’s a mixed week for parents to work and all.”

Volunteers at the Thanksgiving dinner at New Waverly Elementary School.

Minyerd said the 4-H kids have to have a certain amount of community service hours.

“We encourage them to do above and beyond,” Minyerd said.

Holt said a lot of people volunteered.

“I just put it out that we needed volunteers, and I reached out to her (Cynthia Minyerd),  and she knows everybody, and she can help me get the volunteers. I’ve got volunteers from my church and everybody is also ready to step up,” Holt said.

Minyerd said other local churches stepped up as well.

Volunteers at the Thanksgiving dinner at New Waverly Elementary School.

“We have probably about ten different churches in the area that’s helping. Let me add this wouldn’t be possible if the school district hadn’t given us permission, free of charge, to use this.”

Holt said they expected to serve Thanksgiving meals to 400 people.

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