Friends of Conroe holds annual Friends Feeding Friends Thanksgiving Meal

Friends of Conroe Office Manager Stephanie Walls and Friends of Conroe Board Members Sheri Pelton and Tammy Gracey, holding some of the food that will be served for the Thanksgiving meals.

The Friends of Conroe expects to serve Thanksgiving meals to over 2,000 people at two different locations this year at their Friends Feeding Friends, A Place at God’s Table dinner on Thanksgiving Day, Dec. 28.

The Friends of Conroe started this three years ago, and they partner with the Salvation Army, which is where one of the Thanksgiving dinners is being held on Nov. 28.

“We just partner with them, we wanted to help give back to the community,” said Friends of Conroe Office Manager Stephanie Walls. We cooked the food and brought it over there, and it went well and was successful, so we’ve been doing it ever since.”

The first year the Friends of Conroe partnered with the Salvation Army, the dinner was held at the Lone Star Convention Center.

Salvation Army in Conroe, where one of the Thanksgiving meals will be held.

There are two locations for the Thanksgiving meal this year, one is at the Salvation Army, located at 310 Avenue E in Conroe.

“They have a lot of people here in Conroe, there’s a big need. We’ve reached out to our northern county, and there’s going to be service (a dinner) at New Waverly Elementary School,” said Friends of Conroe Board of Directors member Sheri Pelton.

Pelton said for that dinner they have partnered with the Waverly Station Cowboy Fellowship Church and New Waverly 4-H Organization.

New Waverly Elementary School, where the dinner is being held, is located at 335 FM 1375 in New Waverly.

New Waverly Elementary School, where one of the Thanksgiving meals will be served. Picture courtesy of New Waverly ISD.

“We’re doing the full Thanksgiving feast. You’re going to have turkey, dressing, gravy, cranberries, green beans, jams, all the sides, desserts, the whole ten yards,” said Friends of Conroe Board of Directors member Tammy Gracey.

Gracey said there’s a big group that’s stepping up and cooking all the turkeys and slicing them, as well as the hams. They’ll also open up all the food that needs to be warmed, and doing that at the locations.

Gracey adds that the Friends of Conroe provides the funding that makes the Thanksgiving dinners possible.

“With all of our things that we do during the year, everything goes back into this community. To put this on, for the amount of people that we’re cooking for, you’re looking at right about $7500,” said Gracey. “We’ve had people in the community make donations, little to big, in helping us with this.”

Pelton said HEB also gave them a great donation, and Waverly Station Cowboy Church is one of their big donors also.

“We have small donations that come in, here or there. People that see us shopping will pull out ten bucks, and they just like the idea of it and want to give back,” said Pelton.

The Friends of Conroe will start serving the Thanksgiving meal, at both the Salvation Army in Conroe and New Waverly Elementary School, at 10:30 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day. They expect to serve until about two p.m. that afternoon.

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