Man who suffered cardiac arrest while working out reunites with those who saved him

Robert Dozier standing with the people who saved his life.

On Aug. 24 of this year, Robert Dozier was working out on the treadmill at Gold’s Gym in Conroe, when he went into cardiac arrest.

“I just collapsed, I didn’t know it had happened, I didn’t know a thing, and fortunately there were a couple of firefighters here. One was on the treadmill next to me so they started CPR right away, defibrillated me, I think twice while I was here, and then the ambulance came,” Dozier told Bluebonnet News. I was taken to Conroe Hospital, they put in that therapeutic hypothermia, and so I didn’t wake up until the following Wednesday,(five days later) that’s when they brought me out of it.”

“It happened on a Friday morning, and I woke up the following Wednesday, didn’t know where I was or anything at first. I just thought this was a weird dream because I didn’t know how I got there or where I was,” Dozier said.

Dozier said he was in the hospital an additional five or six days after he woke up.

Robert Dozier with his family, including Frank Williams, Jeremy Dozier, Valerie Nowell and Anthony Dozier.

“I’m getting some checkups, but I didn’t have a heart attack, it’s just the heart stops, and so you’re either going to die or have a lot of brain damage, depending on how long it takes them to get the oxygen and blood flow going again, or you’re going to recover, and so I recovered.”

Dozier met the people who saved him at a reunion held at Gold’s Gym on West Davis on Nov. 21.

Andrew Evans, Lieutenant for Montgomery County ESD One, was one of the firefighters at Gold’s Gym that day.

“I was actually on the weights, which is on the total opposite side of the treadmills. We were sitting there, it was me and another off-duty fireman, and we were talking, and a lady ran up to us and said we’re doing CPR on a guy, “ Evans said. She actually asked, you’re firemen, right, and we said yes. We ran over there and we would have had no clue. I give her full credit for coming to get us, or else we would have had no idea.”

Evans said Dozier went down and was still on the treadmill when they got there.

“We got him off the treadmill, started doing CPR. One of the staff members at Gold’s actually came and got the AED (automated external defibrillator) off the wall, we got it on him superfast,” said Evans. A lady got a mask out of her car to breathe. It was all superfast. We had adequate CPR going, we got air on him superfast, and the AED, which actually we shocked him two times before they got here.”  I can’t even put into words how lucky he has to be for that exact stuff to work out the way it did.”

Crystal Weeks is the Operations Manager at Gold’s Gym.

Robert Dozier talking to Ashton Herring with the Montgomery County Hospital District.

“I was actually pen in hand on my way out of the office to do our weekly check for the AED’S to make sure everything’s functioning and up to date. As I walk out of the office, everyone was like, oh look he passed out,” said Weeks.

Weeks then said let’s get him taken care of, and he wasn’t responsive at the time. I was already on my way, so we grabbed the AED, and 100 percent, we would not have had the outcome we did if it wasn’t for our members. They got to him quicker than anybody did. They started CPR and compressions. “Our members that were here at the time were hands down the best. “We will forever be grateful for them and their quick reactions and knowing what to do, and trusting they can jump in and take care of it. I’m very, very honored and blessed to have the people that we do here.”

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