Faith Fest to be held November 25

Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Conroe, home of this year's Faith Fest event.

This is the seventh annual Faith Fest, which will be held at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Conroe. Faith Fest is put on by Faith Fest Inc.

“We work as an incubator for local non-profits. We find groups that have been in business, from say two to seven years, that are local non-profits,” Jody Czajkoski, President and one of the Co-Founders of Faith Fest, said. Myself, most of the board, we’re business people; our background is in starting companies and cash-flowing businesses, so we implement and advise them on their systems, and see what we can do to help them take their business to the next level, or in their case, their non-profit to the next level.”

Czajkoski said certain groups have real estate needs, facility needs, while others may need a website, volunteers, and grant writing and fund-raising effforts.

“We walk in, we evaluate their systems and figure out what we can do to help them take their game to the next level,” Czajkoski said.

Jody Czajkoski, President and one of the Co-Founders of Faith Fest.

The Faith Fest event started when a group working with Sacred Heart Catholic Church did a fundraiser one year for the ministry.

“The next year, the Parish Council adopted the same ministry and the same group did the first Faith Fest as a way to unite our Christian community, and raise funds and awareness for local charities,” Czajkoski said.

Faith Fest has been held at different places in Montgomery County over the years.

“We’ve had it at the Fairgrounds, we’ve had it at Heritage Park. We had the event here (Sacred Heart) last year indoors on a Monday night, and it sold out and was a wonderful deal,” Czajkoski said. Next year we’ll have it at a different church in town. It originally started with Sacred Heart and First Conroe Baptist.”

Czajkoski said the following year, West Conroe Baptist started supporting them, both physically and financially. After that, they then got support from Lone Star Cowboy Church, Caney Creek Cowboy Church, Grace Lutheran, and they got support from the Vineyard Church of Conroe last year.

“They started off cutting checks to do the event so we could hire the artists, and now our sponsorships from the private side have gotten to where we don’t have to go to the churches for funding anymore, but they’re all still in full support,” Czajkoski said.

The charities Faith Fest works with will give a presentation during the event.

“This year, the proceeds are all going to Compassion United here locally, sponsored by Missionary Luke Redus. They rehabilitate the homeless; they find people, like you and I, that have hit tough times, that ended up on the streets,” said Czajkoski. They offer them love, they build their confidence; job training, housing transportation. They get them back into the work system with no government assistance, this is all privately and church funded.”

The other group the proceeds will go to is Project Mentor.

“Project Mentor was started through Conroe High School by a teacher, Angela Gentry Matthews. Her father, Jim Gentry, was a city councilman here and they started a mentorship program,” said Czajkoski. I’ve worked with the group four years, so any charity we work with, we usually get to know them for two or three years before we jump in and work together.”

The featured artist at this year’s Faith Fest event is Matthew West.

“He’s number one on the charts (Contemporary Christian), and that brings the people in. They’re going to come in and see a show. It’s somewhat of a modern day revival,” said Czajkoski. They’ll hear Matthew West perform as well as a couple up and coming artists.”

The cost for a ticket for Faith Fest, which starts at seven p.m. on Nov. 25 at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, is $25 for general admission.

“We’ve got a family four pack, where you can get basically four tickets, which is a good way to start the Thanksgiving weekend, great family event which includes your meal, for $100,” said Czajkoski.

Czajkoski said they also have premiere VIP seating available for $50, which includes a meet-and-greet with the artists and it’s front row service of the concert.

Both types of tickets are available by logging onto:

You can also find them on facebook or twitter.

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