Update on Deadly attempted robbery of Brinks Armored Car in Willis

The scene of a deadly attempted robbery in Willis.

Willis Police Officials say that at this time, officers and a tracking dog from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice continue to search the area south of the crime scene in an effort to locate the second offender or additional evidence.  The suspect who was allegedly killed by the Brinks Security Guard was transported to the Montgomery County Forensic Center for an autopsy on Nov 20.  The offenders’ vehicle was towed to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Crime Lab for further processing.

The attempted robbery happened at the Chase Bank at the Kroger’s at I-45 and FM 1097 at around 9:30 a.m. on Nov. 19.

Willis Police have a preliminary identification of the suspect who was shot and killed , and he appeared to be a 27-year-old black male from the Houston area. Attempts are being made to locate family members.  As soon as the identification has been confirmed and family members have been notified of the death of their loved one, we will release that information.

The scene of a deadly attempted robbery in Willis.

There was only one Brinks officer, and he was unharmed.  There were some independent witnesses of the event.  No one else was harmed (unless the second offender was shot, too, but Willis Police officials said they don’t know that yet.)

There are a number of sources of video of the incident, some of which has been obtained and the rest to still be downloaded for review.  At this time Willis Police aren’t prepared to release any of it until they’ve had a chance to review it all and understand what it means to the investigation.

Law enforcement looks for second suspect in deadly attempted robbery.

Our department is being assisted in the investigation by officers and staff from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Texas Rangers, Texas Department of Public Safety, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Houston Police Department, Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, Panorama Police Department, Precinct 1 Constable’s Office and Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Original Story:

Willis Police are looking for a second suspect involved in the attempted robbery of a Brinks Armored car at the Chase Bank at the Kroger’s Marketplace at I-45 and FM 1097 at around 9:30 a.m. on Nov. 19.

Willis Police Officials say the other suspect was shot and killed.

“We arrived on scene to find the medics treating one gunshot victim. What we determined is that the gun shot victim and another suspect allegedly attempted to rob the Brinks Security guard as he was working the ATM, “ Willis Police Chief James Nowak said. They approached him with a handgun, he fired at them, multiple shots. The suspects, one ran back to the car, the other ran south toward I-45. That one suspect that was shot has been pronounced dead at the scene. The other suspect, we’re looking for, we have a perimeter in place.”

Nowak described the second male suspect as slender and he’s in dark clothes.

“We’re being assisted by the FBI, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Houston Police Department, District Attorney’s Office and other agencies,” Nowak said.

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