Magnolia ISD Student Leadership group visits Commissioners Court

Members of the Magnolia ISD Student Leadership, with Superintendent Dr. Todd Stephens.

A group of about 20 juniors at both Magnolia High School and Magnolia West High School, visited Montgomery County Commissioners at their Nov. 19 meeting, as part of the Student Leadership program.

“It’s a two-year program, they start as juniors and in the junior year, we tour and visit with leaders, elected leaders, leaders in industry and business,” Magnolia ISD Superintendent Dr. Todd Stephens said. We’ve been to the State Legislature, to the State Capitol, and this is our trip to Montgomery County.”

Dr. Stephens said the students do a capstone project their senior year, which is basically a service project.

“They also work on a get out the vote, right to register voters for the election in those years. They also put on a banquet for the juniors in celebration of completion of that year,” Stephens said. It’s a great group, we’ve been doing it for about nine years now, and we hope to have some great future leaders, maybe even some elected leaders eventually from this group.”

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