Splendora High School Volleyball team makes history, prepares for next playoff round

The Splendora Volleyball Team. Melaney Owens, Falon Buford, Jalynn Knight, Katie Brzowski, Allie Jones, Head Coach DaVette McCall Kayla Martin, Ashton Schulz, Bree Bowers, Tori Moore, Shaelyn Sanders and Brooke Gilmore. Not pictured is Morgan Buford.

The Splendora High School Lady Kats Volleyball team, with a record-breaking 31 wins, will face Carthage in the regional semi-finals on Friday, Nov. 15.

It’s the first time a Splendora Volleyball team has made it this far in the playoffs.

“We also broke a winning number of games record,” player Ashton Schulz said.

Kayla Martin, a senior on the team, told Bluebonnet News it’s feels great.

“We haven’t ever felt like this before because last year we had eight wins, so it’s definitely different,” Martin said.

Schulz said they’re playing more as a team this year, which has made the difference.

“I feel like our chemistry as a team on the court has grown a lot, and that has helped, and also our communication with each other. “We just have a really bigger bond, and I think that helps,” Schulz said.

Martin added that the team is always pushing to be better and they don’t dwell on the past.

“We just keep going forward, and if we lose, it teaches you things and it makes you better,” Martin said.

Splendora Head Volleyball Coach DaVette McCall said it’s been an awesome season.

“The girls work so hard, I obviously couldn’t do it without them. By the end of the program last year and the offseason, they started strong, and that’s why we’re where were are now,” McCall said.

The team faces Carthage in the regional semi-finals.

McCall said they’ve definitely been doing some scouting of the other team.

The Splendora High School Volleyball team makes history by advancing to the regional semifinals. Picture courtesy of Splendora High School.

“Their middles are very big, and we know we need to reverse the ball with the passes and create splits for our hitters. Our defense is going to have to be moving and we’ve adjusted our defense a little for them,” McCall said. “They also have aggressive serving, but as long as we do what we have scouted and planned to do, we’re ready to face them.”

Splendora plays Carthage in the Regional Semifinals on Friday, Nov. 15 at Bryan High School. The match starts at six p.m. Tickets to the match are $10 for adults and $5 for students.

The Splendora Police Department will provide an escort for the team at 10:45 a.m. on Nov. 15.

“We’re so proud of those girls. We hope that everyone will come out. We’re going to be at the Pop In (gas station), near Splendora High School, right off 2090, and we’re just so excited for this lovely young group of women,” Monica Enloe, Splendora Police Public Information Officer, said.

The Pop In gas station is located at 24981 FM 2090 in Splendora.

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