Montgomery County Drainage Council is formed


Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough announced on Nov. 14 the creation of the Montgomery County Drainage Council, following the devastating flooding that happened across the county during Tropical Storm Imelda.

“As County Judge I saw firsthand the effects of a major flood event and the devastating losses it brings to the people of Montgomery County, when Tropical Storm Imelda brought nearly 30 inches of rain to our county in a few short hours,” Keough said. “Because of the need to be able to mitigate the next flood as best as humanly possible, the creation of the Montgomery County Drainage Council will bring the stakeholders and subject matter experts into the same room to accomplish this task.”

Judge Keough said the council will have its inaugural meeting within the next few weeks, adding that because the County anticipates the results of several ongoing drainage studies by the middle of next year, it is their goal to utilize this information for future mitigation projects.

“Having met with the community stakeholders, I also want to thank Commissioner James Noack for his involvement in bringing The Woodlands Drainage Taskforce to the table and for helping structure our new council,” Keough said.

The County Judge’s office said over the past several years Montgomery County has been a leader in preparation for the next storm by updating the Drainage Criteria Manual and Flood Plain Management Regulations, which include the adoption of the new Atlas 14 standards. The steps already undertaken by Commissioners Court and any future changes to come will continue to demonstrate Montgomery County’s willingness to lead in flood mitigation across Texas.

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