Conroe ISD Board holds special meeting to approve bond election results


The Conroe ISD Board of Trustees held a meeting on Nov. 14, and approved an order canvassing the returns and declaring the results of the Nov. 5 Bond Election.

Proposition A of the Bond package passed with 56 percent of the vote. It is $653.57 million dollars, and includes new campuses and additions, campus renovations and safety and security projects.

Conroe ISD Superintendent Dr. Curtis Null

“We’ve been busy already, we started last week and this week in the planning process for the first buildings that will be touched in the process. “It’s a five-year bond,” CISD Superintendent Dr. Curtis Null told Bluebonnet News.  We’ll sell bonds each of the next four years, and so it will take five years total to go through this work.”

Null said they’ve started the planning process on the jobs that are in the first bond sale.

“We’ve already started those conversations, as well as conversations for Conroe High School, although we don’t anticipate going under construction for another year at Conroe High School. “The magnitude of that job and the complexity of that job, it’s going to require a year of planning, so we’ve already started the planning process, although we won’t see any work there for another year,” Null said.

Proposition B failed with 58 percent of the voters voting against it. It was $23.8 million dollars, and had to do with artificial turf at the high schools.

“At this point, that’s not a priority for the school district. The instructional facilities are the priority, so that’s our focus,” said Null.  “That’s not to say that down the road, the board wouldn’t consider an opportunity to try to begin to place turf at some of our campuses, using budgeted money, instead of bond funds. It’s not a conversation that we’ve had, it’s not a focus of ours at this time, the instructional facilities are the focus.”

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