Montgomery County commissioners approve proposed tax abatement agreement between the County and Texas Tissue Converting


Montgomery County Commissioners approved the proposed agreement for Texas Tissue Converting to come here at their Nov. 12 meeting. Conroe City Council will also discuss and vote on the same proposed tax abatement agreement this week.

“Texas Tissue Converting is a company that takes more raw paper and converts it into  tissue paper,” Montgomery County Attorney B.D. Griffin said. “They have large contracts with Brawny and also branding for local stores or chain stores. They’re going to be investing almost $71.5 million into the Conroe North Industrial Park, some of the new acreage that’s there, 30 acres there and it’s anticipated that that’s just phase one of the potential project.”

Griffin said Montgomery County has actually been working on this project, off and on, for three or four years.

“I remember first talking to them back in 2015 or 2014, something like that, so it’s been an ongoing project,” Griffin said.

According to Griffin, Texas Tissue Converting is bringing 150 new jobs within the first few years, after construction. Griffin said it’s quite an involved process.

“They’re putting, I believe it’s $40-million dollars worth of machinery to do this conversion, and $25 million worth of improvements on top of almost $3 million worth of real estate,” Griffin said. “The County looked at it as a significant increase in capital investment in the County, and we’re glad to have them.”

Griffin said Texas Tissue Converting has requested a similar abatement with the City of Conroe. Conroe Council will discuss the item at their workshop, which is Nov. 13 at two p.m. at Conroe City Hall. Conroe Council will vote on the item at their regular meeting, which begins at six p.m. on Nov. 14 at City Hall.

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