Montgomery County commissioners approve grant application for more home buyouts involving repetitive flooding

Montgomery County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Director Darren Hess speaks to Montgomery County commissioners.

Montgomery County Commissioners on Nov. 12 approved the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Office applying for the FMA grant program, Flood Mitigation Act, which would allow them to potentially purchase more buyouts, severe and repetitive loss flooded homes, according to Emergency Management Director Darren Hess.

“It’s for repetitive flooding, so as far back as the 2016 disasters, 2016, 2017,” Hess said. “Our application is going to be for just under $10 million.”

Hess said there is no match required from the County.

“On severe repetitive loss properties, it’s 100 percent and on repetitive loss properties, it’s a 90-10, and the 10 percent is assumed by the property owner,” Hess said.

Commissioners on Nov. 12 also approved Hagerty Consulting to conduct safety inspections of substantially damaged properties from Tropical Storm Imelda.

“We’ll contract with Hagerty Consulting to go out and do some substantial damage safety inspections on those properties that either had major damage or were destroyed from Tropical Storm Imelda,” Hess said.

Hess said that involves 350 to 375 homes, and the proposed cost is $375,000, which would come from the fund balance.

Debris cleanup from Tropical Storm Imelda ended on Nov. 8.

Hess said the cleanup numbers are still being calculated and they hope to have total numbers within the next few weeks, but he said probably around 30,000 cubic yards of debris was picked up.

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