Splendora High School students honor veterans with luncheon

Splendora High School Staff who are also veterans, Student Council members and local veterans enjoy an appreciation lunch at the High School.

The Splendora High School Student Council served up a great lunch to recognize both veterans who work at the High School and who are a part of the Splendora community.  

The luncheon was held at the High School on Nov. 11, Veterans Day.

Alyssa Thompson, Splendora High School Student Council Historian and Pride and Patriotism Chairperson, said they’ve held a big event every year for veterans.

“Last year we actually did an omelet bar for our school veterans, but this year we wanted to make it more of a community wide thing, and so we decided to host a lunch, not only for our veterans at our school, but more towards the veterans in our community that do a lot for us and have also served,” Thompson said.

Members of the Splendora High School Student Council, saying thank you to veterans through an appreciation luncheon.

Thompson said it’s important to honor veterans because they’ve do so much for our country, and our communities.

Ashlyn Elledge, Vice President of the Student Council, whose Dad is a veteran, said the High School used to host Veterans Day pep rallies.

Briana and Ashlyn Elledge, who are both on the Splendora High School Student Council, with their father, Ken Elledge, a veteran.

“That didn’t happen at the High School this year just because of the football schedule, so we decided to go a little bit further and invite them into our school in a different way, and serve them lunch, just to give a little back, even though they gave so much more,” Elledge said.

Gayle Hanz, Splendora High School Student Council Co-Sponsor and teacher at the school, said it’s important to recognize veterans because it’s important to honor those who give back, especially at the high school level.

“As a government teacher, I often see young people who are so far removed from the battles that our veterans fought,” or even people who are currently enlisted,” Hanz said. “I think by hosting an event like this at the high school and getting our students involved on student council, they’re able to put faces with the different wars and conflicts and different active service members in the community, and it really personalizes what Veterans Day truly means.”

Tim Gillespie, teacher and coach at Splendora High School, is a Vietnam veteran.

“Veterans Day makes you think back of all of the veterans that I’ve known in my life personally, some here, some not here, and it’s a special day of recognition,” Gillespie said.

Ken Elledge is a Marine Corps veteran and has two daughters who are on the Splendora High School Student Council.

Splendora veterans enjoying an appreciation luncheon at Splendora High School.

“Veterans Day to me is remembering everyone who has served and everyone who is serving,” Elledge said. “We’ve had a lot of people go before us, we’ve had a lot of people give their lives, obviously they gave their total sacrifice to this country for our freedom.” “This is the day that we celebrate their sacrifices and their service for our country.”

Stef Groves is a reading specialist at Splendora High School and a veteran.

“It’s so funny because teaching is a second profession; I got out of the military, I was a mom and I did some other things,” Groves said. “Then when I came back and I started my teaching career 16 years ago, it was the first time I was ever recognized as being a veteran.” “Because when I got out in 1988, nobody cared about veterans, and then after 9-11 it was amazing how we really started appreciating what the veterans had done.” “Now the pride, like when you go to Lowe’s and you get a discount and all that stuff.”  “It’s neat because the kids are so sincere; to have a teenager come up and say thank you for your service is very lovely.”

A poster on display at Splendora High School for Veterans Day.

Other schools in the Splendora ISD held programs on Nov. 11 to honor veterans.    

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