Picture yourself reading for Splendora JH project

Country singer Trace Adkins got in on the Splendora Junior High reading project by sending in a photo of himself reading before a performance.

Splendora Junior High English/Reading teacher Staci Ely and her students have started a reading project, and they want the community involved! The project is called Reading Wall 2.0.

A huge wall in the junior high school library has been dedicated for this project to show that everyone reads. All you do is take a picture reading a book, send your picture to Ms. Ely, the students will make a poster with your picture, and display it on the wall. 

Several people have participated already.

“We want to emphasize that everyone reads and people in the community love the students so much, they are willing to participate,” said Ely.  “We would love for the community (and anyone else that the kids would enjoy) to be on our wall! Thank you to Archie’s and Sonic! And yes! That is THE Trace Adkins! He took a picture for us in his camper right before he went on stage!”

You can send your picture directly to sely@splendoraisd.com. 

Here’s a collection of some of the photos Ely has already received for the project.

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