Conroe ISD honors veterans with annual ceremony

Conroe High School JROTC Cadet Major Madison Alvarado, standing in front of artwork CISD Elementary students did in honor of veterans.

Conroe ISD’s high school JROTC groups joined the Administration and other District staff at Woodforest Stadium on Nov. 8 for the Salute to Our Veterans ceremony, honoring veterans in Montgomery County.

District Superintendent Dr. Curtis Null said holding the ceremony to honor veterans is important because the district wants to instill that patriotism in future generations.

“We talk about being great citizens, we talk about voting, we talk about everything that it means to be a great citizen,” Null said. “We owe all of that to the men and women that have given up their own lives, either through the greatest sacrifice or just giving up years of their lives to serve for us. It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to give back and kind of combine what we do in the schools and invite the community in.”

Madison Alvarado, Conroe High School’s Army JROTC cadet major, gave the opening remarks, invocation and introduction of guests at the ceremony. Alvarado, a senior, said performing the ceremony was a new experience for her, but very fulfilling.

Conroe ISD High Schools participate in the CISD Veterans Day Ceremony.

Conroe students march to the field for a Veterans Day Ceremony.
Conroe students march to the field for a Veterans Day Ceremony.

“Being in ROTC was very beneficial to me because when I first started high school, I was very, very shy, and could not talk to anybody without stuttering and tripping over my words,” Alvarado said. “Now that I’ve been in a leadership position, I’ve understood the values of being a leader and how I can apply it to my real life outside of school and outside of being in the JROTC program.”

Alvarado told Bluebonnet News that after graduation next year, she plans to attend the University of Chicago and major in Classics, and after that, she plans to go to law school.

Cadet Brianna Long is a member of Caney Creek High School’s Navy JROTC.

Lieutenant General Steven A. Hummer (retired) is pictured with Conroe High School Army JROTC Cadet Major Madison Alvarado in the CISD Veterans Day Ceremony.
Members of the Caney Creek High School Navy JROTC, including Cadet Brianna Long, Natalie Scholten, Michael Asher, Nathan Scholten, Leslie Hoops, Rebecca Rodriguez, Shelby Grisham, Abigail Trujillo, Celia Trujillo and Alexander Morgan, participate in the CISD Veterans Day ceremony.
Members of Oak Ridge High School’s Navy JROTC, including Mary Wolsey, Frida Martinez, Brooklyn Torres, Travis Muqira, Alexandra Santiago, Sarah Shank, David Gunnels, Tyler Connell, Mikalya Curry, Dylan Poynter and Dylan Keil, all participate in the CISD Veterans Day Ceremony.

Long, a senior, said the ROTC teaches students about coming together and being respectful.

“We treat everybody as if we are a family, everybody gets treated with respect, we always help each other and you’re just as strong as your weakest link,” Long said.

Long said it means a lot to her to honor veterans.

“My great grandpa, he fought in World War I, my great grandma was in World War I as a nurse,” Long said. “I’ve had my family fight in World War II and my grandpa, my dad’s dad, is a veteran, so it means a lot to me to help and just participate.”

Lieutenant General Steven A. Hummer (retired) was the guest speaker at the ceremony.

Lieutenant General Steven A. Hummer (retired), guest speaker at the CISD Veterans Day Ceremony.

“Perhaps you’ve said to a veteran, or a veteran has had someone say to them, thanks for your service; well I say thanks for preserving our freedoms, thanks for keeping us free, because that’s what it’s all about,” Hummer told the crowd. “The Bill of Rights has given us several rights that we need to hold close and cherish; those are everything from the freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly and the right to bear arms.”

Hummer added that we’re fortunate to live in a country like the United States of America and fortunate to have the school system and the organizations that put together the Junior ROTC organizations.

Over in Montgomery ISD, Montgomery Junior High honored veterans with their patriotic celebration for the 24th consecutive year.

Veterans Day is Nov. 11.

Artwork presented by the Conroe ISD Elementary Schools, for the CISD Veterans Day Ceremony.
Montgomery ISD holds a Veterans Day Ceremony. Picture courtesy of MISD.
Montgomery ISD holds a Veterans Day Ceremony. Picture courtesy of MISD.

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