Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office reminds residents to renew alarm permits


If you have an alarm permit in the unincorporated commercial and residential areas of Montgomery County, it’s time to get it renewed. The cost is $20.

“If the Sheriff’s Office services you out on your residence, then you have to have an alarm permit to have an alarm on your home,” said Sheriff’s Specialist Thomas Smith.

Smith said if you don’t have an alarm permit and you have an alarm and it goes off, the Sheriff’s Office can charge you.

“It’s a Class C misdemeanor to operate an alarm system without first securing an alarm permit in Montgomery County,” Smith said.

The violation is punishable by issuance of a citation and fines of up to $500 upon conviction. Each violation is a separate offense.

Smith said Montgomery County has one deputy, whose main job is to follow up with residences and businesses that have numerous alarms. If violations are found, he will issue citations.

For questions about alarm permits, call 936-760-5830.

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