Conroe City Council approves MUDs for new developments

A map of Municipal Utility District 147, located near LaSalle out Highway 105 West

A new Municipal Utility District approved by Conroe City Council during Tuesday’s meeting will be located near La Salle out Highway 105 West, and will be single-family residential homes.

“Then we have MUD 173 coming in off Calvary Road, which is up by Willis, and that will be an out-of-city MUD district,” Conroe Community Development Director Nancy Mikeska said. “That will also be single-family residential homes with no commercial and no multi-family.”

Mikeska said the actual districts are put in place as a financial tool so that the developer will have a way to get some reimbursements prior to actually selling and having home ownership.

“It’s a way for them to get more money on the ground sooner, and then to complete the project without having to be over-extended, and so it’s a good tool for developers. The City has always been very responsive to those, so we’ll probably see more of those coming,” Mikeska, adding that five new MUDs have been approved in the last two city council meetings.

Conroe Council Tuesday also awarded a contract for work on the Fountain Park Bridges and Trails, located off the I-45 access road, just north of the Montgomery County Library.

“The contract is to install the pedestrian bridge, the sidewalks, some landscaping features for that access,” said Tommy Woolley, Conroe Director of Projects and Transportation. “It will connect the sidewalks we put around the detention ponds, and it connects over to the Flag Park. People can walk from the parking lot of the library and the flag park over to Alligator Creek to the detention pond where the sidewalks surround.”

Woolley said the cost of the project is $540,000, and construction will start in about two months.

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