Montgomery County Historical Commission receives prestigious award for seventh straight year

This is the original Montgomery County Courthouse built in 1881. It was demolished in 1935 in order to construct the art-deco courthouse in 1936 with a new county jail on the fourth and fifth floors.

By Beth O’Brien, reporting for Bluebonnet News of Montgomery County

The Montgomery County Historical Commission was presented with the Distinguished Service Award for a County in Texas. Montgomery County Commissioners Tuesday gave the Commission the award, which was designated from the Texas Historical Commission.

Montgomery County Historical Commission Chair Larry Foerster said the County is one of a number of counties to receive the award.

“This makes the seventh year in a row that our Commission has received this distinguished service award, so we’re very proud of that,” Foerster said.

Foerster talked about some of the things Historical Commissions do to receive this award.

“Obviously, bottom line is, we need to be active and engaged in the preservation and promotion of the history of our County and the state of Texas,” Foerster said. “We’re engaged in everything from the preservation of cemeteries to having promotional materials available and speaking at various civic organizations and schools, talking about the history of Montgomery County and the history of our great state.”

Foerster talked about some projects the Historical Commission is working on, including a history road rally, which is held annually and in a different part of the county each time.

“It’s a history scavenger hunt,” Foerster said. “This last January we held it in Montgomery, and this year it will be in Conroe in January.”

Additionally, the Historical Commission has a Youth Advisory Board, which to Foerster’s knowledge, is the only one of its kind.

“It’s composed of selected junior and senior high school students from around the county – public, private and home-schoolers – that assist us as an adjunct organization with the projects that we do,” Foerster said. “They help us with the history road rally and with certain other projects we do. They also are engaged in historic tombstone cleaning projects.”

Foerster said it is a great experience for the kids and their parents.

“They sometimes will help us with identifying the GIS coordinates for certain historical sites and markers, things of that sort,” he said.

Montgomery County Commissioners Tuesday also recognized the Employee of the Month, Deputy Cody McKee with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

“In 2016, Cody helped get a lady out of a car that was on fire, and he was off-duty and was working an extra job,” Sheriff’s Lieutenant Scott Altemus said. “In 2019, Cody was the first to respond to an infant who didn’t have a pulse. Cody immediately began CPR and regained the pulse of the child, who is now alive, thanks to Deputy Cody McKee.”

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