Conroe City Council awards animal shelter contract to Care Corp

Conroe Animal Shelter, located off Sergeant Ed Holcomb Boulevard.

Care Corporation currently runs the Animal Shelter, and during Tuesday’s regular meeting, Council voted to extend it to another three-year contract.

“The contract expires on Jan. 1, 2020, so we went out to bid for a new contract for another three-year renewal of the contract, and the only respondent was Care Corporation,” said Conroe Police Chief Jeff Christy. “The cost didn’t go up, her (Care Corp owner Sharon Hopkins) fees didn’t go up, and she continues to do a great job providing the services for Conroe.”

Chief Christy said the Animal Shelter contract is $556,000 annually or just over $46,000 a month. This includes animals from Willis and Huntsville, and those cities contribute money to pay for animals that they bring to the Conroe Animal Shelter.

“Neither one of the cities has access to animal shelter services, so they were paying per animal to take animals to our shelter,” Christy said. “We created a contract with them so they pay us and we provide the services through Care Corp for their services also. Wills is $100,000 annually, and Huntsville is $200,000 annually.”

Huntsville started using Conroe’s Animal Shelter services two years ago and Willis started one year ago.

Christy said so far this year, 2,985 animals have been brought into the shelter.

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