MCSO encourages Nine PM routine to prevent thefts


The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is encouraging residents to follow the “Nine PM Routine.”

The “Nine PM Routine” is a trend among law enforcement agencies across the country to remind people that at nine at night, they should lock their doors, take items out of their vehicle and conceal items that can’t be taken out of cars.

“It’s a trend that Pasco County in Florida started and it caught on with everyone,” said Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy Steve Squier.

It started in Pasco County in the summer of 2018. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office shares the Nine PM Routine on its Facebook page, with a creative reminder every night.

 Squier said it’s just something to do right before you tuck yourself in for the night and prepare for the next day of work, school and activities.

“It is a huge trend here in Montgomery County, where we have criminals going into neighborhoods, just looking for unlocked cars and seeing what items they can steal,” said Squier.

Squier adds that if the Sheriff’s Office can get anyone to lock their car, that’s one less victim they’ll have to talk to when they’re having a bad day that next morning.

Squier said the response from the public to the Nine PM Routine has been great.

“Some people tell us, I forgot and I’m glad I saw your post, it reminded me,” said Squier.

Other people have told the Sheriff’s Office they look forward to the funny way they’ll try to remind them to lock their doors and take their things inside.

Just remember, if you love something, give it a little TLC, take it, lock it and conceal it,” said Squier.

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